Student Outreach Program

Strategic plan of ASM International for the period 2017 – 2019, places very high importance to the future growth of Material Science by identifying Students as the building block. Therefore, besides the Student membership and Emerging Professionals, the society has plans in place to catch them young.

The Materials Foundation was formed with the key support of few major companies of USA with a view to excite young minds and attract them towards the field of materials. This was done through a program called as Materials Camp. Realising the success of this in North America, same was introduced in India through a ‘Train the trainer’ activity, the recipients being few members of India Chapter & faculty from IIT Bombay.

This 5-day Materials Camp program, meant for science students appearing in their 11th / 12th standard (junior college) exams, was further customised by the India Chapter team and launched in the year 2005 jointly with the Metallurgical Engineering & Material science Dept. of IIT Bombay, Mumbai.

The 5-day program typically consists of hands on metallurgical experiments (for 3 days) such as heat treatment, mechanical testing (strength & hardness), corrosion experiments, welding & casting, interspersed with interesting talks about exotic materials / processes like shape memory alloys, superconductivity etc. by experts. This is followed by visits to local industries where they can witness the materials changing their state from raw material to finished products.

After the initial joint programs with IIT Bombay for 5 years, the program has been repeated at Vadodara for 6 years with MS University (3 years) & ITM Universe (3 years). It was also held with MNIT, Jaipur in the last edition.

Most significant gain from these Material Camps has been about 10% of the students going through the program opting to enter Materials field.

Chapter aspires to take this program to various parts of the country with the help of educational institutes in the region which have the Materials & Metallurgy faculty.