Company Membership

  • You get 2 memberships – one in the name of the company & other in the person coordinating / nominated by the company.
  • Any conference / seminar of ASM : Substantial discount for participating (Up to 4 persons can be nominated).
  • Free ASM AM&P Magazine.
  • Any technical problem faced by the company can be referred to ASM head quarter & solution sought through the ASM members’ network.
  • Easy access to ASM Head Quarter website.
  • 20% discount on purchase of any publication / books of ASM.
  • Platform for the company to talk about their company & Products.
  • Priced materials data down load to the extent of membership fee amouunt.
  • Renewal Fee is $ 155.
  • Download Membership Form

Individual Membership

  • You get monthly magazine and books at 30% discount.
  • Networking with expert material scientists from industry, academia & research organizations.
  • Ready access to Materials information.
  • Electronic copy of monthly AM&P.
  • Renewal Fee is $ 54.
  • Download Membership Form

Student Membership

  • Entitled for membership of 4 professional bodies – ASM International, Association of Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), American Ceramic Society (ACerS) & Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
  • Job/Career Center.
    • Apply for jobs from employers hiring today.
    • Get new jobs sent to your inbox with a Job Alert.
    • Post your Resume to all employers, even confidentially.
    • Attract top industry employers with your ASM Membership.
    • You can access the Career centre on your mobile phone