ASM International, India Chapter established in the year 1979, is one of the most active chapter in the world. It organizes technical courses on subjects like Welding, Metallurgy for the Non-metallurgist, Metal Forming, Heat Treatment, Stainless Steels, Non-ferrous Metals, Thermal Spraying etc. under the Continued Education Programme for engineers and technocrats.

Other activities include Conferences, Workshops and Exhibitions on recent developments in Materials Processing. Material Application Engineering, Heat Treatment, Equipment etc. at National and International levels.

In order to increase awareness on materials technology and to excite young student community in materials science and engineering careers, ASM has been conducting one-week Materials Camps at I.I.T. Bombay, Mumbai , M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara, ITM Universe, Vadodara & MNIT Jaipur for the students of 11thstandard to expose students to materials technology through hands-on experimental work and Industry visits.

Participation in these camps is free; breakfast, Iunch, course materials etc. is given free to all the participating students. These camps are found to be highly effective as quite a few students have opted Materials Technology as one of the options while entering engineering stream.

Office Bearers

Sudhakar Bonde,

Chairman, India Chapter,


Subodh Technologists,

M: +91 93240 74755.

Email: sudhakar@subodhlabs.net

Jayesh Mukadam,

Vice Chairman, India Chapter,

M: +91 98210 51399.

Email: jayeshmukadam@gmail.com

Rajesh shah,

Vice Chairman, India Chapter,


Navin corporation,

M: +91 93240 38002.

Email: mail@navincorp.com

Naresh Daftary,

Treasurer, India Chapter,


Super Fibreglass,

M: +91 98211 05327.

Email: superfibre4@gmail.com

Sandeep Rege,

Secretary, India Chapter,

M: +91 99675 30196.

Email: rege.sandeep@mahindra.com

Suhas Sabnis,

Executive Director, India Chapter

M: +91 98205 78975.

Email: metsolcon@yahoo.co.in